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Twelve Dental and Orthodontic Centre is welcoming and diverse practice offering end-to-end patient care and high-quality service.

Covering everything from the most routine dental check-ups to innovative orthodontics, cosmetic dental and facial aesthetics.

We believe in “doing things right” and we are led by our practice core values.

We strive for first-class patient care and treatment by ensuring patient involvement at every stage of treatment and ensuring each visit is calm, relaxing and comfortable.
We treat each patient as an individual and only recommend treatment that is the right fit for you. We make sure that patients have all of the options available to them and that they fully understand the treatment process before they make a decision, so as to make an informed, knowledgeable and personal choice.
Our team are committed to staying abreast of the very latest in dental and orthodontic innovations. The clinicians here at Twelve Dental are all highly regarded and all of whom are extremely skilled and experienced in their respective fields.
We build our patient relationships on trust. We promise to always be truthful, courteous and professional towards patients at all times. And to listen to patients, be empathetic and treat them all with compassion.

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