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iTero Scan Digital Practice

Invisalign's Most Advanced Intraoral Scanner

At Twelve Dental we are proud to be an iTero Digital Practice and are delighted to offer you a free consultation with an iTero Scan.

See your simulated potential results, instantly.

The revolutionary iTero Element 5D imaging system, the first hybrid dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral colour and NIRI (near infrared imaging) eliminates the need for multiple devices and scans.

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How Does It Work?

Invisalign’s iTero Scanner uses an intraoral camera that captures 6000 images per second, using their unique software it then, generates a 3D digital model of your current dentition and simulates your potential results, instantly.

What Are The Benefits?

See Your Results Before You Start Treatment

You will see your potential results on-screen, instantly and have them on your digital device to take home and review.

More Accurate Results

The iTero scanner generates precise models of your teeth meaning your aligners are manufactured with the utmost accuracy making your results more predictable.

Begin Treatment Quickly

Your data can be sent to AlignTech in just 15 minutes! So there is no need to send off your dental impressions. Invisalign treatments that start with iTero Scans can begin up to 3 times faster than when we take traditional impressions!

No Messy Dental Impressions

The scanner eliminates the need for us to take traditional, messy and unpleasant dental impressions.

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