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Sure, a healthy smile is important but, we all also appreciate the appeal of a brighter, whiter smile. For this reason, many of our patients opt for tooth whitening.

We offer a range of tooth whitening options. During your whitening consultation we will determine which is the best tooth whitening option that’s safe and effective for you!

It’s important to be aware that all teeth whitening systems require a maintenance regime. This will be dependent on your lifestyle but is essential to keep your bright, natural-looking & beautiful smile.

Tooth Whitening is a non-invasive chemical treatment that results in the removal of deep-rooted stains. When performed or supervised by your dentist Tooth Whitening is the safest most effective way to whiten your teeth.
Tooth whitening can be performed In–surgery or in the comfort of your home. There are many factors which may influence why one technique is better for you.

During a whitening consultation, your teeth will be assessed and we will discuss treatment timing, past experience and lifestyle factors before recommending the most effective tooth whitening treatment plan for you.

Professional tooth cleaning with a dental hygienist will remove most external stains. This is usually a good idea prior to the whitening process so you get the most out of your whitening procedure.
Tooth Whitening supervised by a qualified dental professional is completely safe and free from damaging or weakening your tooth enamel.
With custom-made bleaching trays and whitening gels provided by your dentist, this is a safe, reliable and proven technique to whiten teeth. Most people achieve their desired result within 3-4 weeks, some even sooner.

The strength of whitening gels, length of application and intervals between sessions are varied from person to person, to minimise sensitivity and maximise results.

Tooth Whitening is not a one size fits all treatment and you must have a consultation to determine your personal whitening plan.

Philips ZOOM Whitening is the number 1 patient request whitening in the UK. It’s a great option for patients looking to have a quick whitening treatment, that can be fitted into a lunch break.

We apply a higher concentration of whitening gel to your teeth which is stimulated by the Philips ZOOM laser. Promising results 7 shades lighter, in just one hour.

Enlighten Tooth Whitening is recommended for those who want rapid results and the whitest of smiles.

Results can usually be achieved within two weeks and this system is ideal for complex whitening cases, non-vital teeth and for people who have tried home whitening before but been unimpressed by the results.

It can be used as a home only treatment but is often combined with an in-chair infusion appointment to further boost the results.

At-Home and In-Surgery Whitening

We offer a number of different tooth whitening treatments and will recommend the best one for you to get you amazing results, based on your starting shade, enamel density and tooth sensitivity

Transform your smile

Whitening is a quick, easy and affordable way to almost instantly transform your smile. Book a consultation today to see which option is the best for you, and how quickly you can get results.

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