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Your dentist, at your initial examination will make a recommendation for review based on your current dental health profile and any concerns you may have. This will then be updated at subsequent reviews as need. An examination every 6-12 months is usually advised.
Sessions with the dental hygienist are recommended every 3-6 months depending on your periodontal health status and risk profile. Both your dentist and hygienist will discuss recall timings with you and this may change over time.
Our specialist orthodontist offers the latest in orthodontic technology and techniques. The custom-made braces are designed for your teeth, meaning they are much more comfortable than traditional braces. Our specialist orthodontist can help create the smile you have always wanted with braces which are discreet. It is now even possible to wear braces that are completely invisible.
It is important for children to get familiar with the dentist, the surgery and to be involved in their own dental hygiene as early as possible. so we would recommend within the first year of their first tooth erupting.

We believe that great habits should be encouraged early on and visiting us as soon as possible will help them to feel comfortable and relaxed visiting us in the future.

Take a look at our children dentistry page for hints and tips for caring for little mouths.

A visit to the dentist is not just about treating issues as and when they arise, we believe in preventing them. Our minimally invasive approach requires regular attendance to your checkups. Good oral care is important, not just for your dental health but for your overall well being.

Dental exams check hard and soft tissues and the overall health of your mouth, including an oral cancer screen as a matter of routine and early detection is proven to lead to a 90% cure rate.

Our team are always happy to answer your questions to help you to care for your teeth and gums more effectively.

We take great care to make sure your visit is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Pain relief has come on leaps and bounds and many people are surprised just how comfortable a visit to the dentist can be with us.

Our friendly team are happy to discuss any worries you may have so that you have a good experience with us!

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