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New Patient Examination (including x-rays) £65
Routine Examination £35
Emergency Appointment (non-registered patients) £75
Small Intraoral X-ray £12
Large OPG X-ray £45
Scale & Polish (existing patients) £65
with Airflow £80
Scale & Polish (non-registered patients) £75
with Airflow £90
Children’s New Patient Examination £40
Children’s Scale & Polish £55
Consultation £50
Fissure Sealants from £75
Silver Fillings from £95
Composite Fillings from £105
Composite Bonding per tooth from £170
Crowns from £750
Veneers from £750
Dentures from £750
Custom Home Whitening from £300
Top Up Syringe For Home Whitening £40
In-house Whitening – 1 hour Zoom from £550
Replacement Whitening Trays £150 (per arch)
Milk Tooth Extraction from £65
Simple Extraction from £130
Surgical Extraction from £250
1 Canal from £300
2 Canal from £400
3 Canal from £550
Final Filling from £105
Consultation £40
Metal Braces from £3450 (two arches)
from £2300 (one arch)
Ceramic Braces from £3650 (two arches)
from £2600 (one arch)
Lingual Braces from £7200 (two arches)
from £4600 (one arch)
Invisalign from £3750 (two arches)
Invisalign from £2700 (one arch)
Fixed Bonded Retainers £200 (per arch)
Removable Essix Retainers £150 (per arch)
Fixed Bonded Retainer Repairs from £80
Retainers (per arch) from £140
Nightguards from £210
Consultation £55
Botox from £150
Wrinkle Relaxing Facial Fillers Skin Health from £95
Frown, Forehead, Crows Feet from £200
Brow Lift from £200
Jawline / Masseter Slimming to reduce teeth grinding from £300
Neck Lift from £350
Gummy Smile from £200
Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating Underarms / Hands / Feet from £400 (per area)
Lip Filler Shaping / Volume (up to 1ml) from £300
Cheek Fillers Contour / Volume (up to 1ml) from £300
Naso-labial Lines Nose to Mouth Lines (up to 1ml) from £300
Smokers Lines from £200

fees may vary according to appointment time involved

Swarovski Diamond Tooth Gem from £100
Specialist Periodontal Consultation £TBC
Reassessment / Review £TBC
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment from £TBC
Surgical Periodontal Treatment from £TBC (per sextant)
Mucogingival Surgery from £TBC
Specialist Implant Consultation £TBC
Implant Placement Surgery from £TBC
Implant Abutment Crown from £TBC

*Price of Implant surgery may vary depending on the need of hard/soft tissue grafting and temporary restorations etc.

**Implant Surgery price does not include any additional investigations, CBCT scans and bone grafting materials. All patients will receive a treatment plan letter outlining fee prior to commencing any treatment.

Amoxicillin £25
Metronidazole £30
Short Notice Cancellation

We require 48 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment, any cancellations after this time will be charged a short notice cancellation fee.


All treatment costs may vary depending on patients specific requirements.

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