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Ensuring we use only the highest quality materials and techniques to give you every confidence in all of our general dental treatments.

We tailor all of our treatment plans to your specific needs taking into account all of the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed options.

Your trusted dental clinician will write you a detailed written cost estimate and discuss all of your options before you begin any treatment.

Modern white fillings are made from composite resin; which is a combination of resin and nano-particles of glass. You can replace your old silver fillings amalgam with composite’s just as you can remove and fill tooth decay.

Composite fillings are built directly into the cavity and set with a blue curing light.

Twelve Dental is committed to using the highest quality materials, which provide an enormous range of shades, along with highly skilled clinicians, enabling us to give you extremely natural-looking results.

The anticipated life expectancy of a white filling is 7-10 years. They can be placed for small to medium cavities. Where tooth loss is more extensive you may need to consider an onlay or a crown.

Where a large amount of the tooth’s surface and strength has been lost we can replace it with an in-direct restoration such as an onlay or a crown. This requires a preparation appointment, followed by a fit appointment as the restoration is made in a dental laboratory.

Onlays and Crowns can be made form a number of materials including, eMax, Porcelain and Gold. We will discuss the best options for you and consider the aesthetics and the load of the tooth in question.

Onlays and Crowns can last up to and upwards of 20 years.

Bridges can be fitted to replace lost teeth. Bridges can use one or two adjacent teeth to suspend a false tooth in place of the lost tooth.

The disadvantage of bridges is they quite often require the destruction of healthy tooth tissue to provide the retention for the false tooth.

Bridges typically last between 5-15 years depending on the type and the load.

Root Canal Treatment is what you’ll need if your tooth has become or is becoming non-vital or “dead”.  This is often caused by trauma or exposure to dental decay, though sometimes it can be unexplained.

Root Canal Treatment, or endodontics, removes the living part of the tooth and replaces it with a specialist rubber filling which packs tightly to the inside of the tooth canals to prevent any bacteria from growing.

Root Canal Treatment can be a lengthy process, sometimes requiring a number of visits or a referral for advanced dental treatment. This is especially so when you have visited us with pain, infection or swelling.

Root Canal is likely to be performed in stages to ensure all of the infection has been removed and the canal is clean before we fill the canal and restore the tooth.

It’s important to protect a root canal filling with an appropriate, protective restoration, such as a crown, to give your tooth a future good prognosis.

Typically, root canal can treatments last upwards of 25 years if they’re placed under the right conditions and the tooth is restored well.

Modern dentures are a reliable way to replace a number of missing teeth, from one tooth to a full arch. They require a series of appointments from denture impressions, to try-ins, bite and fit. It’s important to not rush dentures.

After an extraction, your gum and bone tissue will have a period of settling and as we would like your denture to fit tight against your gums it is best to allow your soft tissues to do so.

Dentures can be made from acrylic or chrome and can be an affordable way of restoring your smile. Dentures can also be “anti-ageing” as they also restore fullness and height to sunken faces that have developed from tooth loss.

Dentures typically last 5-10 years.


Our clinicians work together, taking a multidisciplinary approach to ensure comprehensive treatment; which achieves the best possible outcome for your smile.


As a gentle dentist practice we promise to personalise your experience; to listen to your concerns and to take the time to build positive and trusting relationships to alleviate dental fears. It is our aim to meet and exceed your expectations.

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